970 miles and counting…

Well over the weekend I had some time off, and so I earnestly began to measure out the route of this pilgrimage… online mapping tools replaced string, and a spreadsheet replaced a notebook as I worked out how far I could feasibly walk each day, and where I would get to.

I have now mapped out the distances from Carlisle, zigzagging back and forth across the country, to almost 30 Cathedrals… and upon checking the Church of England’s diocesan map … have discovered that Sodor and Man come under ‘England’ and have their own diocese… making it 43. <sigh>

-Well I am not swimming across the Irish Sea. [Although there were monks a thousand years ago who would stand for hours immersed to the waist in the chilly waters of the Irish Sea -so there IS a precedent -still I should imagine that was more to do with mortifying the flesh and subduing earthly passions than actually getting anywhere – and I am not a fan of mortification: illness and suffering usually happen of their own accord, without the need to encourage them… and I have a healthy relationship with ‘earthly passions’ as my husband and child evidence.]

So I shall stick with 42 Cathedrals… if I manage to really do it then I shall treat myself to a boat trip to number 43, just to tidy things up -but that is a long way ahead.

Anyway, I’ve totted up the miles and got to about day 46 and 970 miles -that is NOT including Sundays -I have, as one might expect from a Christian pilgrim, kept the Christian Sabbath as a day of rest. That averages out at a very reasonable 24miles per day, though in practice, some days I have planned to walk more than 30 miles and other days less than 20.

The planning goes on.

Not booking myself a boat trip just yet.


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