Today most of the college has spent their time ‘walking around’, ‘stopping to chat’ or ‘just relaxing’ for new publicity photos…

The group photos, walking repeatedly up and down steps chatting and carrying files, were just laughable -but some of the others were ghastly.

… it felt both ridiculous and horrible… I was photographed in my study, with a heap of books to cover an unsightly wall socket ‘smiling to myself’… inanely grinning or winsomely simpering at the top of the laptop… argh. I feel like I need a shower.

The photographers were nice enough, but really the things that would make people want to come and be here or study here, cannot be photographed. In fact it would have been better in my view, to have a lot less ‘human interest’ and ‘chatting’ in the photos and a lot more ‘listening’ and God-focus. A brochure full of orthodox icons and landscape shots with a few of people sitting near candles with their eyes shut and one or two at the back with a few people chatting over a glass of wine might just about convey the mood… as it was we had freezing rain and repeated shots of people looking ‘jolly’.

Time for evening prayer now -though I really feel too ashamed to come before God having made such as ridiculous display of his place here. Still -with a bit of luck, the photographers may  have managed to capture our foolish humanity and a bit of our longing for the ineffably divine…who knows.


About Jemma

Learning to be both a priest and a human being in the Anglican Church
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