The end of the beginning

I have completed the route plan, and the time plan. The first full draft at least. 42 Cathedrals, from Carlisle to Truro; 1510 miles over 73 days.

The route includes several former abbeys; 2 ancient hermitages- one with a holy well; the world’s oldest wooden church; the tallest spire; a labyrinth; places of miracle and martyrdom; every sort of church and cathedral…

The Church of England is in the process of rearranging the dioceses across the country, shortages of funds, staff, and active parishioners; and redistribution of population, means that several dioceses will be amalgamated very soon, but I think that, if anything, that is even more of a reason to trace a pathway between all these focal points. And so I won’t be changing the destinations.

After the flu, which lingers still as a cough… and a fairly shattering term (even by theological college standards)… I had begun to consider giving up on this planned pilgrimage. But light is beginning to dawn again, and with it hope. So I will press on with the plan, now that the first part is over… and pray that it might actually be in God’s plan for me to go ahead with it… after all, I’ve now bought the special walking socks!


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Learning to be both a priest and a human being in the Anglican Church
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