Through the veil

Sitting in Evensong yesterday, singing the psalms, an image came to me of what our mortal life is like… the image was of all of us singing together in our rows, each with a long grey veil over our heads…  From our perspectives it is often as though we can see one another and the world clearly, whilst God is obscured… but really it is only God who can see us clearly, and we are hidden most of the time, from one another and from truth, by a grey veil of perception.

In the image, it was as though the veils thinned as we sought God, light shone on us so that the veils did not obscure our view so much; and most of all it was as though God, the living God was over us in the only unveiled place, watching us all with longing to see our faces… longing to behold us face to face without our veils in the way.

Later another image came to me, that of myself, seeking to pray… I was wandering around a house, still veiled and mourning, trying to obediently seek the one who had made the house, trying, distractedly, to remember that I loved the one whose house it was… my eyes were downcast and my head still veiled, and through the veil I could see my face, troubled and distracted, trying to be obedient. Whilst on the outside of the veil, was God, the Lover… who had made this house, and who loved me with an urgency and intensity I could not imagine, watching with rapt and passionate attention as I wandered confusedly like a ghost, trying to remember his love and tried to remember to seek him… as though I were the real one, the living one… when in fact his love is the reality, he is the living one, and I am the one who is still walking in the shadow of death.


About Jemma

Learning to be both a priest and a human being in the Anglican Church
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