Heavy Preaching

I’ve landed Jeremiah 14 to preach on at college mattins on Thursday…

A friend suggested it might sound more upbeat if I delivered it as a rap… I’m not so sure:

Jeremiah 14 remix… desert dub flava

Drought and famine, plague and sword…
listen up and hear God’s word:
‘Tales of peace in prophecies
…Are only lies to give you ease…’

‘We repent we didn’t mean
To pray to Baal, that was obscene.
Just watch us fast, just watch us pray,
Come on God, save us, don’t delay!’

‘Too late you people, but nice try,
Still all you folks are gonna die.’

‘You mean God, that you can’t help out?
Are you too weak? What’s that about?
What will the other nations think,
If you stand by and let us sink?’

‘Again I do admire your spunk,
But what you say is clearly bunk
I’m powerful, no question there,
The question is do you lot CARE?’

‘We care, of course we do, we need,
A bath, a drink, a hearty feed!’

‘I’m sorry, it’s too late to start,
Your caring now, you had my heart…
But then you went and played the whore,
And I can’t watch this anymore,
So you must die, in many ways,
I’m numbering your final days’

‘But God, how are we gonna cope?
Help us Obe Wan Kenobe <Ahem> we mean LORD, You’re our only hope!’

[Personally I think I’m more of a limerick sort of a gal.]


About Jemma

Learning to be both a priest and a human being in the Anglican Church
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