The Persons of the Trinity Love One Another

If you love, are in love with someone, you don’t want to lose any little bit of them, of their life, of what they’ve done or are doing, of what they’ve made or said or even of anyone or anything they love… because their love, their nearness, their hand in its making, their closeness to it, makes it a part of them as a whole, and makes it precious.

Think of a young romance –you keep the bus ticket, the napkin, the lock of hair, you love the places you went, the vendor who sold you the ice-cream, the sun that shone and the puddle you stepped in, you love it all and you want to keep it all, every bit of it, because it is all part of your love for the one you love.

Think of a beloved new baby or child, you keep the bootees, the scan pictures, the handprints, the footprints, the lock of hair, the blanket, even perhaps the umbilical cord. They get bigger and you keep the photographs, the first shoes, the drawings, the messy presents and the birthday cards –until you’ve no more room!

God is love, and there is such a love in God and amongst God the Trinity, that God does not want to lose a thing, a moment, a breath, a fragment of the Beloved, of his handprints or footprints, or the things he made or the places he’s been or the ones he loves or his precious body or his precious blood… not a mite or an atom or a moment, because of his love, his passionate, deep, sincere unwaveringly faithful love… so how could he lose you…. any of you who now have become part of the story of the Beloved, who now have heard his voice, his word, who have consumed his body and his blood… you are love.


About Jemma

Learning to be both a priest and a human being in the Anglican Church
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