A little pilgrimage… or just a longish walk?

In three weeks I am to be ordained priest.

In the mean time my training incumbent has given me my Summer Holiday time…

My husband has some work to do and my daughter has some pre-school sessions to attend, so it’s just me with the holiday… and I’m going to be walking.

I’ve not done this before, though it’s the closest I’ve got to the pilgrimage I planned a couple of years ago… I shall be walking about 90 miles over 6 days on a well worn route across Wiltshire and Oxfordshire, and I’m really looking forward to it. I spent today just putting together the folder of morning and evening prayer that I will be using…

… I use the Anglican Common Worship order for morning prayer, and I sing the Mirfield CR Evensong, with the appropriate readings and Collects; I’ve amalgamated these via computer into one A5 set of documents so rather than carry a lectionary, two prayer books and a Bible, and risk them getting crumpled and soggy, I shall carry a lightweight folder with all the offices. I’ve also included details of where I’m staying and maps.

Using a hardcopy may be old-fashioned, but it also means I have plenty of paper for drawing on or writing notes!


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Learning to be both a priest and a human being in the Anglican Church
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One Response to A little pilgrimage… or just a longish walk?

  1. Jemma says:

    I must just update you on the fact that I only managed to walk 37miles in 2 and a half days before the weight of the mighty backpack, and the severe gusts of wind of 50mph, and the cold drizzle, had taken up my energy -and I called my husband for a lift home! I enjoyed what I did though -and will definitely try and complete the walk later!

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