Save Syria

If you follow the link above,  you will see what is happening in Syria right now.

The government of that nation is using weapons against the people of the nation -not against armed and violent hordes who threaten the innocent, not against so-called ‘rebels’…No. Against the innocent, against children at school, women outside bakeries, families in the street.

Here is footage from the last 48 hours, from inside Syria, of victims of chemical incendiary bombs dropped by the president of Syria’s troops. He is killing his own people.

Last night in the UK Parliament, representatives of the nation voted against forming a coalition to take military action against Syria’s government. And our Prime Minister has respected that democratic vote… for which, in principle we must certainly be grateful. Since if democracy is too easily overruled by some in power -we are on the way towards dictatorship. However, the reason for this ‘NO’ vote may in part be a fear of repeating the incidents of the Iraq invasion… and invasion that was without UN sanction and actually without an obvious reason. BUT this is not the same situation. And it may yet be the case that the UN has to intervene to try and prevent an escalating genocide.

My thoughts and prayers are with those in government and in the UN who want to do what is right and to protect human rights  on every level-but above all my thoughts are with the people of Syria.

And this post is just another reminder to all and anyone who sees it -that Syrian people: you are not out of our sight, nor our thoughts -you are precious in our sight and in God’s sight -and whatever the United Nations do or do not decide to do, – nonetheless we are watching in sorrow and international history will not be written by those who are killing the innocent people of Syria.


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