Been a long time…

It has been a long time since the last post. That title, by the way, is a quotation from the immortal song, ‘Little Donkey’!

Soon the vicar in charge of this parish where I am training, will be leaving for a new post elsewhere in the diocese… more responsibility for him and also for me, as I look after the worshipping community during the vacancy of six months or so.

It used not to be called a ‘vacancy’ when a parish was without a priest, but an ‘interregnum’; that means, ‘between kings’ (!) so you can see why they changed it. The disciples in this parish are a wonderfully gifted and committed group of people, but in a funny way I find myself like young Captain Horatio Hornblower, left to steer a ship full of very experienced sailors older than me, just because I am called to the helm.

Actually helmsman rather than captain is about right, as Christ is our Captain – but it was the image of the young sailor propelled into a position of responsibility that sprang to mind.

Ioan Gruffudd as C.S. Forester's character Horatio Hornblower in the ITV series

Ioan Gruffudd as C.S. Forester’s character Horatio Hornblower in the ITV series

I’m hopeful there will be significantly less violence, cannonfire and drowning in the Parish than in the naval escapades… but we have a similar number of buttons on our uniforms.

So I have been very busy.

In fact I didn’t realise HOW busy until last night I cast my mind  back over the last two weeks and then realised as I went more carefully over things day by day that in fact I was looking back over the last ONE week…

Last Tuesday I was so tired of dealing with a cold, and so tired of thinking about all the things I would have to sort out, that I was too sleepy and befuddled to do anything on my midweek day off… and felt pretty grumpy that I’d wasted it. But by the end of Thursday, life was looking great as the parish’s Church Council had met for a great prayerful meeting and formulated a mission statement for the future.

“Engaging with all; Growing through prayer; Sharing Christ’s love”.

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Learning to be both a priest and a human being in the Anglican Church
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