A prayer of commitment

Jesus came to call us, he came and loved us and we crucified him, but he did not punish us -he forgave us for everything…

I have done wrong, I know that… we all have, but I’m not responsible for anyone else, just myself: I have hurt people and hurt myself and the world around me, and I have ignored God… I am really sorry for this.

I’ve been hurt too, and nursed grievances even though I’m far from perfect, and I’m sorry for those too… I can’t fix all the wrong I’ve done and I certainly can’t guarantee I won’t mess up again in the future… I suppose you could say I am a ‘sinner’.

But if you will help me God, if you will forgive me for all of the past and come near to me, be with me and put your Spirit in me… I am willing to give up my broken past and be a new being.

So I’m sorry Lord,

Thank you that you have already forgiven me

I turn to you now,

I turn to you and ask in Jesus’ name: please come and be with me now and always.



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