About me

I am a thirty-something parish priest in the Church of England, also a wife, mother, sister, friend,  Marvel & DC Comics fan, plainchant lover, multi-lingual, ex-barmaid, with a love of linocut prints, swashbuckling films, cheese, native trees and the seaside.

I have a dog and a toothless cat – you can love both – I sing,  -play the piano quite badly and due to overenthusiastic parents I have a broadly encyclopaedic knowledge of natural history. I wish I knew how to sail – but I don’t, though at one time I could quote Swallows and Amazons almost by heart…  now we live near the Norfolk broads my family do have a little motor boat.

My favourite smells are old wooden furniture, fresh blossom and damp ferns (not generally all at once unless the church roof has fallen in).

My bad household habit is books – (I often buy an old book because I think I could give it a good retirement home – it’s really more like literary adoption – but I do read most of them eventually). And my bad life habit is absentmindedly tying myself in knots over small things whilst being distracted by the bigger picture – and then tripping over my own feet.

My favourite view is sunlight flickering through new leaves, and my favourite sound is my daughter singing in the morning when she wakes. Though I once heard a nightingale and I’d love to hear that again one day.

What else?… Most underrated food in my opinion is egg on toast, most overrated drink: earl grey tea. Best sports team – the New Zealand AllBlacks – any  sports team that starts with burly men dancing has my vote – though I won’t stick around to watch the match – I also agree with my husband that we should try and work our English Morris Dancing into some kind of fierce pre-match war-dance (though maybe not for rugby but for cricket… and maybe not with jolly bells, but more along the lines of Terry Pratchett’s ‘dark morris’ – which I saw performed once  for real in Huddersfield Town Centre – and it was pretty scary!)

This blog began in the environs of a monastery, the Anglican Community of the Resurrection, which founded and sits alongside the theological College of the Resurrection. Now it provides a space for ongoing reflection.



One Response to About me

  1. Jemma says:

    Just to say… I heard a nightingale here at the end of September… thank you God.

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