I believe in God,Creator of Heaven and Earth -of all that is, seen and unseen, I believe in his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ -through whom all things were made; I believe that this man -Emmanuel (God with us), physically came into our human history -born through the womb of Mary  -not coz some guy knocked her up -she was, after all already betrothed and a well-behaved, obedient lass; but simply because it was his own -God’s-will to do so. She named him Joshua (Jesus as we know it in the West) and he lived -was revered but not fully understood by a mixed bag of chosen disciples -then, although innocent, he was crucified, died -a death witnessed by and confirmed by unbelieving Romans and (coz he was thoroughly dead) was buried in a borrowed tomb by two sympathetic followers. This was a Friday. On Sunday morning -he was resurrected.

-And that’s where it really gets interesting…


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    • Jemma says:

      Gosh, thank you. That’s inspired me to get on and post my next post about Hildegard von Bingen (though I should be finishing an essay on ethics!)

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