Don’t BUY… PRAY (prayer is free… but webhosting is not, I do realise that)

Just to let you know that I do not recognise, endorse, or favour any products, websites or sales-type-thingies that WordPress puts up as adverts on these pages… frankly I would rather get rid of them, since I can’t see what they allow to post here! But WordPress charge $30 a year to remove the adverts, and I’m not  a business, so for now I’ll just ignore them.

I’d like to imagine WordPress would find appropriate advertisers, like Fairtrade organisations, clergy clothing suppliers, and bookshops… but I doubt it -Still I recommend you DON’T subscribe to ANYTHING you see being sold here, because  -who advertises on a personal blog!!?

Don’t BUY… PRAY (prayer is free)

And forgive me WordPress for my current ingratitude… I will upgrade one day.


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